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Monday, 22 February 2016

My biography for my new unknown friends.

Here, on these pages I'm writing about my project, "Ah, Africa", you are reading, what is very grateful to you. But I thought today, many peoples come to the blog page without knowing anything about me. Who is this Tatyana, and what happened to her before moving to South Africa? I decided to publish my biography today, as they say, to be more closer to you.


Artist – monumentalist – painter – mother – gallerist – business woman
1. resume 
2. exhibitions
 3. awards 
4. paintings presented in Cape Town 

 Was born in Odessa, Ukraine;
Graduated from the Odessa Art School named after Grekov;
Worked as a monumental artist.

Performed various monumental, design works for the institutions of the Soviet government in technology: ceramics, batik, tapestry (tapestry), painting, cold encaustic;
Created the first private art gallery "Art Studio" in Odessa, Ukraine "Art Studio";

Headed by the Odessa Business Women's Club; 

The Odessa Marine Art Gallery was found;

Organized the first Marine Art  Fair MARINE'96;

 Since, International Biennale MARINA in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 have been carried out with great success and made a significant contribution to the promotion of maritime art in Eastern Europe;

Monumental work for De Medici, Bruges, Belgium; Client: Golden Tulip Group; Methods: Cold Encaustic on the wall.
Headed a unique department of the Marine Art Gallery of the Odessa Sea Port.

Secretary of the National Department of the Gallery of Ukraine. 

Created "Ah, Africa a series of paintings 2006-2010 - exhibitions held in the cities of Ukraine: Odessa, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikopol, Sevastopol, Lviv

2007, 2008, 2009 ... Organized international artistic travel project SEA OCEAN SOUL ART

Currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa;

 Group Exhibitions
1991 Participation in the exhibition of works by Ukrainian artists, “Rekavkaa” Gallery (Krakow, Poland). 
1992 “Made in Odessa” Exhibition, Odessa Fine Arts Museum (Odessa, Ukraine).
1994 Maritime Art Gallery exhibition-contest (Odessa, Ukraine). 
1995 Maritime Art Gallery exhibition-contest (Odessa, Ukraine).
1996 “Marina-96” International Biennial (Odessa, Ukraine) Official catalogue
1998 “Marina-98” International Biennial (Odessa, Ukraine).Official catalogue
1998 Exhibition of works by the artists-winners of “Marina-98”, Navil-Art Gallery (Varna, Bulgaria).
1998 "Lineart"  Art Fair Gent, Belgium Official catalogue
1999 "Lineart" Art Fair, Gent Belgium Official catalogue
2000 “Marina-2000” International Biennial (Odessa, Ukraine)Official catalogue   
2001 Participation in an exhibition of works by Odessa artists (London, Great Britain)
2002 Harmony Program Award in Los Angeles, USA.
2002 “Marina-2002” International Biennial (Odessa, Ukraine).Official catalogue
2003 Participation in the International Women Artists Exhibition (Berlin, Germany).
2004 “Marina-2004” International Biennial (Odessa, Ukraine).Official catalogue
2006 “Marina-2006” International Biennial (Odessa, Ukraine). Official catalogue
2008 “SEA OCEAN” (1st part) (Odessa, Ukraine), 2008 “SEA OCEAN” (1st part) (Art Kiev Fair, Ukraine)Official catalogue
2008 “SEA OCEAN” (1st part) Hamburg, Germany)Official catalogue 
2008“ Marina-2008” International Biennial (Odessa, Ukraine) Official catalogue
2009 “SEA OCEAN” (3rd part) (Odessa, Ukraine)Official catalogue
2009 “Ukrainian Art Exhibition in Mart Gallery (Sebastopol, Ukraine),
2009 “International Work shop “Pallet of Freedom” (Yalta, Ukrain),
2013 "Do you hear the sound of Drums" group exhibition in Art Lovers Gallery (Pretoria, SA)
2014 "Annual Summer At Fair" Art Barn Gallery (Noordhoek, SA)
2015 "Mr. Damage Presents" CAAM Collective Gallery (Cape Town, SA)
 2016 "Made in House" exhibition in No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne Australia
        "Christmas Art Show", Ryazanoff Gallery, Melbourne Australia
2017 "Maslenitsa Art Show" Royal Exhibition Centre, by Ryazanoff Gallery,      Melbourne, Australia 
Solo exhibitions:
1992 Exhibition hall of the Artists’ Union of Ukraine (Odessa Branch). 
1994 “Na Uyutnoy” Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine). 
1996 “Na Uyutnoy” Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine). 
1997 De Medici Gallery (Brugge, Belgium).
1998 “Villa Alpha” Gallery (Valkenburg, Holland). 
1998  Solo exposition "Lineart" (Gent, Belgium) Official catalogue 
1999  Solo exposition in "Lineart" (Gent, Belgium) Official catalogue
2000 “Tatiana’s Day”, Maritime Art Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine). 
2002 Liberty Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine). 
2003 Maritime Art Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine)  
2004 Solo show dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the Maritime Art Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine).Official catalogue
2006 Project “Ah, Africa!”(Odessa, Ukraine) Official catalogue
2006 Project “Ah, Africa!”(Museum Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine), 
2007 Project “Ah, Africa!”(Nikopol, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Ukraine), 
2008 Solo Exhibition Art Kiev Fair, (Kiev, Ukraine), 
2008 Solo exhibition in Destiny House, (Cape Town, South Africa) 
2008 Solo exhibition “Rainbow people” City Museum, (Odessa, Ukraine) 
2008 Project “Ah, Africa!”(Lviv, Ukraine), 
2009 Solo Portrait Exhibition History Museum (Odessa, Ukraine) 
2010 Project “Ah, Africa!” Museum Sophia Kievska, (Kiev, Ukraine),
 2011 Solo Exhibition Framery Gallery (Cape Town, South Africa) 
2012 Solo Portraits Exhibition The Artbarn Gallery (Cape Town, South Africa)
2013 Solo  exhibition in Avital Lang Gallery, Cape Town, SA
2014 Solo Exhibition in Steenberg Wine Estate, Cape Town,SA
2016 Exhibition in Sadu Pobedu Gallery in Odessa, Ukraine
2017 Solo exhibition in Odessa Museum of Oriental and Western Art, Ukraine 
2017 Solo Exhibition in Ryazanoff Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Authorial projects:
1993 Creation of the Maritime Art Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine). 
1996 Project MARINA International Biannual (Odessa, Ukraine).
 2001 Project “The Last Tango”,in memory of Vera Holodnaya Maritime Art Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine).
2002 Project dedicated to Salvador Dali’s work, Maritime Art Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine). 
2003 All-Ukrainian Exhibition “Bacchanalia” dedicated to wine. 
2005 International Project “GraMarina” – printed graphics exhibition 
2006–2007 Project “Ah, Africa!”Official catalogue
2007,09 – Sea Ocean SOUL ART Official catalogue

2002 Laureate of honourable award "Saint Sofia" For the personal contribution in the development of culture in Ukraine;
2003 Order of Champion of Piece; 
2002 Harmony Program Award in Los Angeles, USA.

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