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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Works of "Black is White" series

Angels, who were born in this topic, I collected in the series "White is Black " and I present it to your attention.
Ангелов, родившихся в этой теме я объединила в серию "Белое это Черное" и я представляю ее Вашему вниманию.
"Angels", oil on canvas, 89x122, SOLD

"Angel on the Red", oil on canvas, 129x101, Private Collection in SA

"Creator", oil on canvas, 70x100

"Messenger", oil on canvas, 122x89

"Presentiment of Tanzania", oil on canvas, 70x90cm

"Night Dreams" oil on canvas, 70x70 cm

"My Angel",  oil on canvas, 100x70cm

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