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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Tatyana Binovska - Lady of Art, Lady of Travel

The most important thing in my life is Art.
I can't not to paint. And as much as I traveling, visiting new countries and meet new friends,  I geting  new inspirations and new feelings.

The reality for the artist is the way that you see things. Tatyana sees the world like the Greeks who created the solar culture. The reality of naked female bodies in her paintings a pretext for the creation of the "celebration of physicality," an occasion to implement its own involvement in the sensual tradition of the Mediterranean, the South with the cult of natural elements. The image of women at sea as a creature, which has absorbed and the solution is a warm wind, paddling sails, the salty taste of the water on his lips, white hot stones under foot - dominant in the work of T. Binovska. Tatyana creates a series of works, and they are all very significant. The "Marine Series" images artist-created metaphors and female body enlarged to a scale of antique caryatids. The canvases fanfare sounds hymn "eternal feminine." Here, the author thinks in forms, archetypes. And the one who speaks the language of inverse images - wrote CG Jung - "says a thousand voices ... It raises a fact - image of its time dimension in the sphere eternal sensuality, it raises the individual to the universal destiny. It thus reveals the archetype in the human power of salvation in the darkest periods of his life. " Works T. Binovska storylines. They are - stories are always about something, but her "literary" is conditional. Plot transferred in painting from the outside, re-born in the plastic form and color of their own internal resources. It is no accident so close rhythmic canvases ornamentalism. On the emotional charge on gambling, laid down in the "Marine Series" is akin to the paintings of the Palace of Knossos. Crete, the ornamentation of the national Turkish carpet, decorative abundance Suzane. This, of course, is not about borrowing, but the roll call with a tradition nurtured joyful attitude.
Tatiana Binovskaya - modernist. Her inner eye captures the soul of the phenomena. In her work is obviously very subjective beginning. Scenic World T. Binovska once again urges: art should not match any other laws except his own inner nature.
In the new cycle, "Ah Africa", in the paintings of "Sleeping Beauty", in the "Songs without name", in other artistic tendencies deepened intuitional and empathy in a foreign culture. The artist says: "Cycle" Ah Africa "was created under the influence of the spirit of creativity and goodwill, overwhelms me on this trip."
Of course, no such crystallization theme in this cycle of paintings of the composition and integrity of the story, what different jobs done, so to speak, on the basis of the native material. African Canvas cycle is not solid in their literary and structurally filling - in their lives discoverer delight to set foot on the land of amazing, in many respects incomprehensible, full of mystery and alluring exoticism.

Olga Petrova, Philosophy Doctor, Professor in National University of Ukraine.

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