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Monday, 7 March 2016

Biscuit Mill, interactive action on the Market!

The first time I traveled to Cape Town in 2005. Then, every year, during the winter holidays, we came here.
2008. I drew inspiration from this extraordinary city, and this time I was lucky enough to stay not just a tourist, but to live the life of the residents of Cape Town and at the same time bring to the life of the city  a touch of Ukrainian art.
Our daughter Rada, who has been living 3 years in this city, not only provided me with a wonderful opportunity to spend extraordinary and memorable events of his day, but also acted as my agent. She did  huge advertising of my project, "Ah, Africa" ​​among the galleries, museums and other cultural institutions and stipulating the possibility of interactive action on Biscuit Miele. Within 2 months on Saturdays, I have provided specially selected models and I painted their portraits on one of the most popular markets in Cape Town. Of course, if someone told me that I, after years of seclusion in the art studio, start to paint in the market, and will be there to work on portraits of people I would not have believed it.


 But, trust me, Biscuit Miel, is not just an energetically capacious place. Provincial Administration, in order that would lift the areas lagging behind in their development, takes a very original solutions, an example of which is that fashion market.
 Woodstock is a city district stands at the very beginning of his incredible rise. The place where the market is organized stay on the site of a former bakery, which supplies in the old days the whole city of breads and pastries. Things that capetonians, however, probably all white people living in South Africa, are fairly secluded life. In their circle are relatives, a few close friends and all. 
Such places exist and are created specifically for what would people have the opportunity to communicate openly. During the weeks the market is just focus a variety of shops, then on Saturday it turns into a real fair. And they put up for sale is not manufacturing staff, all made with his own hands; someone bakes well, someone knows how to cook meat, someone makes a wonderful curry or beer ... And there is a rule - all  is only for cash. And what interesting people go there!
For me, a visit to the Republic of South Africa is a continuous delight. I can't stop to admire the people. At the same time I would like to be invisible and to be able to sketch scenes seen on the way. 
Within 2 months of this campaign, I paint 6 portraits on Biscuit Miele, made a lot of sketches devoted life of Africans. 
On February 8, the exhibition of my works was opened in "Desteni" the largest jewelry store. It is planned presentation of the project at the National Museum.

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