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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Hermanus & Whales

Hermanus and whales.

There is a wonderful town called Hermanus located quite near Cape Town. It was opened by a shepherd, whose name was Hermanus Pieters, and before our time the city had a very long name Hermanuspitersfonteyn!
This is the best place where you can watch the whales. And here we decided to go in our first days after arrival.
 It was incredible! At first, I saw far fountains, that was a sign of the presence of whales. Such fountains we have seen in illustrations of our children's books. Later, we arrived at a place where it is very close to watch the whales. I start to look through. My daughter Rada show me something very near that I thought was a rock and  I was so glad to indicated the whale. It was not only one whale, it was the pair of them !!! 
Later had time to note that  the whales never been alone, they are in pairs. They come from far Antarctica in Table Bay to make love. Here they give birth to their babies, and then takes them home to get their food plankton.
During the visit, I learned another unusual item.
As it turned out, in moments childbirth near future mother stay, not the father of the child, but adoptive mother. That it takes little whale and raises it to the ocean's surface, helping to make the first breath!

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