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Sunday, 3 January 2010

West Coast National Park

 National Park of the Western Cape

On following days we visited the National Park of the Western Cape. In this spot of Earth September is not the first autumn month - here is considered first month of spring.  At that time started flowering well-known kind of plants -famous fynbos (fynbos the “huge bush” – from Africans)
 There are the large quantity of different plants, as, geraneous, proteas, ericas and etc. grows here. Among them the most unique are proteas. The famous flower of South Africa. There are exist more then 30 kinds of that flower and that was most unusual, that their reproduction occurs thanks to fires!
Yes, you have not misheard, it is so. 
I have been sure that after a fire there is nothing will grow for the long time. With horror and a pain I observed a burned plants in mountains of Cape Town and Hermanus. But all has appeared absolutely on the contrary. Having arrived the next year - I has seen that mountains have become covered of new young plants!!!

In spring time the West Coast National park cover of a set of flowers – bright  and colorful. It seemed , that all the world coming to celebrate spring festival of colors!

There was one more place has amazed me in this reserve. I named  it  “Nirvanna” 

Coast of Cape Town washed at once two oceans - Atlantic and Indian and it is very majestic! 
The waves are going from coast to coast,  water spase simply bewitches me. Behind this great ocean your can find the Langeban lagoon.
It’s look like as a fallen sleeping mirror, covered with  splases of sunlight , laying on coast at outflow strewn with absolutely white sand. At the middle of a lagoon as have fallen asleep or being in a meditative condition of delight, placed the small houses on piles.Looking at them, I have recollected one of films about Japan where fishers can  fish without leaving the house. Their huts placed on piles on the river or in the sea, and there is there a hole in floor and you can directly catch  fresh smal fish  from there!
Heaven blue, the lagoon without any movement at smooth surface causes sensation nirvana - achievements of full contact and harmony from the Universe. And in all this Divine fortune, only sparks of solar patches of light and  kiddies playing and rejoicing  to great feeling  pleasure of sensations of a life.

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