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Monday, 7 December 2009

V&A Waterfront

Usually on Tuesdays and Fridays at the house came cleaning lady, whose name is Lusia. It made not possible to stay at home.

So we can enjoy the day with visiting V and A Waterfront.

Waterfront is Cape Town's old port, which is now converted into a shopping and entertainment center of Cape Town. Here like to spend time not only the large crowds of tourists and  also city residents.
And if you suddenly a bad mood or something  upset you, come to the Waterfront, here regardless of the season, weather or day of the week, is always a sense of celebration.

Waterfront is named in honor of Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland, and her son, the Duke of Edinburgh Alfred.
Victoria was amazing queen. Throughout her long life, she loved her husband Albert very, very much.
That feeling helped her for 40 years after the death mourn.

Another interesting point of her biography: as a young girl that lived very far from the Royal Palace, in the very beginning of his reign (she was then only 18 years old)  was very fascinated by the Russian Emperor Alexander 2.
Later on the big love, she becomes the wife Prince Albert Saxe Coburg. It was very rare in the marriages highborn families.

Alfred, Victoria's son  later married the daughter of Alexander 2, the Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna, and through this marriage Russian royal family got hereditary disease hemophilia Victoria.
Due to Queen Victoria Cape Town have got unusually beautiful, delicate architecture, which gives the city a peculiar charm. Decorated with metallic lace and retaining terrases save people from the sun and rain, the buildings are filled romantic Victorian style street downtown.
Cape Town is amazing city, it breeds an amazing andextraordinary life situations ...
Noon. September beginning of spring. Seasons here compared to Europe and other parts of the world are "upside-down". 
On the Waterfront there are numerous groups  black residents. In the summer months, it is not so many of them.The music is playing. We already know many  musisians  in person. How I love the sound of their drums. Maybe it's not the drums, xylophones and more, the keybords of which are made of bamboo ?? Similar waves of sound filled us with joy. and this feeling appeared forever, when you remind  the atmosphere of the Waterfront.
Today, the group played black musisians. It seemed to us that we met them in Hermanus. The soloist sang opera arias skillfully it to turning into jazz. The group of teenagers  approached they were  dressed in black with stripes on the collar jackets, probably a college graduate. Cheerful music, the irrepressible temperament and rhythm! The girls began to dance and it was a real treat !!! Such a music seyshn joy and incredible feelings, at times make a gift wonderful  Cape Town !!!

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